The Little Black Dress Party

Honorary Chairs Over the Years

2023 - Dr. Patrick & Mrs. Sandra Anastasio

“We so appreciate the opportunity to come together with many influential leaders and raise funds for those in need. As members of the local health care community ourselves, we understand the importance of supporting health and wellness programs focused on increasing access to care, and we are truly grateful to those who made the night a success. It will have an impact on our community for long to come.”

– Dr. Patrick and Mrs. Sandra Anastasio

2019 - Levin Bracken & Jessica Proffitt Bracken

“Access to healthcare is fundamental to a thriving community. We are passionate about this community and the people in it, and we are proud to chair the 10th Anniversary Little Black Dress Party. When we work together, we can make a huge impact on community health and the lives of people in our community. Over the years, the LBD Party has done just that. We are grateful to everyone who has partnered with us to provide these life-changing health services. Cheers to 10 years!”

– Levin Bracken and Jessica Proffitt Bracken

2018 - Chris & Ewa Ruyan

“As longtime locals that serve as partners in community health, we are passionate about health awareness and share the vision for increased access to health services. We strongly believe that everyone deserves access to live-saving health services and are thankful to all who have joined us tonight and share this belief. We have no doubt that The Little Black Dress Party is making a difference in our community.”

– Chris and Ewa Ruyan

2017 - Dr. & Mrs. Douglas Rigby

“We believe that all women deserve access to live-saving health services, and we are thankful for those who share this belief and have joined us tonight. Over the past 8 years, we have seen this event continue to grow and have greater and greater impact in our community. There is no doubt that The Little Black Dress Party is changing our community for the better.”

– Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Rigby

2016 - Dr. William & Mrs. Pam Burden

“The Little Black Dress Party is not only a fun night, but an evening to support women in our local community. We firmly believe that all women deserve access to essential health services like mammograms, breast cancer treatment and emergency rape treatment. By coming together, we can make these services available to women in need and fill the gaps that so many find themselves falling through.”

– Dr. William and Mrs. Pam Burden

2015 - Mike & Yvonne Freeman

“Our family, like so many others, has been impacted by breast cancer and we understand the importance of preventive care in the fight. Access to health services and treatment is the key and something all women deserve. We are proud to be a part of this important cause and to help impact the lives of women in our community. Together, we can ensure that all women in our community receive the care and treatment necessary to win the fight.”

– Mike and Yvonne Freeman

2014 - Michelle Anchors

“I do not think there are many absolute truths, but I do believe absolutely that every women in Northwest Florida deserves basic healthcare. Not all women are getting what they need, and we can do better. The White-Wilson Community Foundation is helping us, as a community, do better. The Foundation’s Little Black Dress Party is a festive occasion, but the purposes it serves and the people it ultimately helps are serious. We can enjoy a beautiful evening raising funds for these women, but more importantly, we can celebrate that we are helping provide the education and care needed to keep them as healthy workers, mothers and volunteers right here, in our little corner of the state.”

– Michelle Anchors